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STROBECOM II™ is a 21st-Century Optical Preemption System designed and engineered to help emergency service and transit professionals reach their destination quickly, efficiently, and safely.

By communicating with the traffic control system located at each intersection, approaching emergency vehicles are given a green light before entering the intersection, thus creating the ability to efficiently and safely traverse heavy traffic situations. STROBECOM II significantly increases the efficiency of emergency response teams and allows them to reach their destinations FASTER with significantly LESS RISK to the public’s safety.

STROBECOM II™ is more than just emergency vehicle preemption. The same equipment can be used to monitor an intersection's timing and extend green phases or add green to the beginning of a phase in order to keep your city’s transit vehicles on schedule without significantly upsetting the traffic control system. Additionally, TOMAR’s STROBECOM II™ equipment is cross-compatible with competing brands, such as Opticom™ by Miovision/Global Traffic Technologies™ (GTT)* when appropriately configured.

True 10 year warranty!

STROBECOM II™ increases safety and convenience, providing a better quality of life for your community. With an industry-first FULL 10 Year Warranty, TOMAR’s STROBECOM II leads the way in more efficient, safer, and more reliable traffic systems while simultaneously protecting city budgets.

How Preemption Systems work:

An Optical Signal Processor (OSP) receives electrical signals sent by optical preemption emitter to optical preemption detectors. While being received, the signals are processed to determine if the vehicle is a valid emergency or transit vehicle. The OSP is connected directly to the preemption inputs of the traffic controller in the intersection in which it is installed. When a vehicle’s signal is accepted as valid, the OSP sends a preemption request to the proper input of the traffic controller. The traffic controller then safely manipulates the traffic signals according to a pre-programmed algorithm. Depending on where the traffic controller was in its normal routine the vehicle will receive a “Green Light” after a minimum of 3 or more seconds. Traffic signals which are already green will stay green until the vehicle passes.

Who has priority or right of way?

If multiple vehicles are being received, they are prioritized to determine which vehicle should be given the right of way. If vehicles are of equal priority, right of way is given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Setting the Standard in EVP/TSP: Integrated Confirmation™ 

TOMAR's Integrated Confirmation™ (US patent 8,742,946) is an industry first, setting a new standard for reliable visual confirmation to further increase safety, lower response times and streamline installations. A high-output white or blue LED attached to the optical detector receives power via the standard TOMAR M913 EVP detector cable and TOMAR Optical Signal Processor (OSP). This means no additional cable pulls through congested conduits, use of load switches or added power supplies are needed to provide confirmation lights & visual feedback. And True Confirmation™ is the only preemption system that provides real, closed-loop, visual feedback to vehicle drivers that the intersection is in preemption mode - not just that the vehicle is detected.

  • Provides real-time visual feedback to emergency and transit vehicle operators without the need to take their eyes off the roadway by flashing or steady-burn LEDs - This could help reduce collisions between emergency vehicles when two are approaching the same intersection at the same time
  • Provides visual notification to public motorists regarding a preemption event happening


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