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FSEMIT Fire Station Mounted Emitter System

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The model FSEMIT Fire Station Emitter System provides a way for emergency vehicles leaving a fire station to preempt nearby traffic intersections and clear traffic blocking the roadway in front of the fire station.

Actuated by a push button as the emergency responders prepare and man the emergency vehicle, the FSEMIT sends an emitter signal to the nearby intersection for the user configurable period of time. The nearby intersection is preempted and congested traffic in front of the station exit that might impede the emergency vehicle entry on to the roadway is cleared as the emergency vehicle prepares to leave the station.

The FSEMIT can be actuated by any normally open push button. A built in timer operates the emitter for a selected period of time and then automatically shuts off the emitter.

Optionally a TOMAR Strobeswitch™  can be used instead of a push button to automatically activate the FSEMIT from the vehicle emitter signal without manual activation




How far do your emitters send the signal?

TOMAR emitters are detectable from approximately 2500+/- feet

Do TOMAR emitters come with a warranty?

Yes, our 3065 & T792HL style power supplies are backed by an industry leading 10-year warranty. Our 401 power supplies & strobes are backed by a 2-year warranty

Are these IR emitters?

Yes, our optical emitters send a IR or infrared signal

Do they require programming?

No, our emitters do not require programming in order to operate or be detected at intersections but they can be programmed to send a specific code if that is needed.

What is the VLF?

Our emitters are offered with an optional VLF which is a visible light filter to block any visible light from being seen.

Do you offer a handheld version?

Yes, our T792HLB-20V & 3065B-20V provide a full strength emitter option

Can emitters be mounted behind a windshield or on a vehicles dashboard?

Yes, they can be but most vehicles have an IR style windshield. While IR windshields will assist in reducing the heat inside of a vehicle it will also unfortunately reduce the range that an emitter can send a signal.

What is the Envelope of Safety®?

Since 1969, TOMAR has had one primary focus – to provide equipment that can be relied on in an emergency to help save people and property. To focus on that mission while being a value-adder to our community and those we serve worldwide, TOMAR developed the Envelope of Safety®.

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