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Security and Tolling

When it comes to safeguarding your premises or enhancing tolling systems, a security camera alone may not suffice if the area lacks proper illumination.

Event-Triggered Solutions

Motion or other triggered activation: In scenarios with low-light conditions or during nighttime, an Illuminator becomes an indispensable asset. It offers increased performance for your surveillance systems during an event, providing the ability for clear footage.

System-integrated video tolling illumination: In the context of tolling, reliable Illuminators can significantly improve license plate recognition and overall system accuracy, making toll collection smoother and more efficient.

Robust Solutions from TOMAR

Regardless of your illuminator need, TOMAR's Revolution R37 3x7" and R79 7x9" platforms deliver patented, proven long-lasting high-performing results from an IP67 and IP69K+ patented sealed solution, constructed in Arizona from high-quality materials.  Rest assured your integrated TOMAR Revolution Illuminator will provide end-users with increased optical performance for longer periods of time than the competition.  Learn more about TOMAR's Revolution construction here.