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About Us

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence since 1969.


Founded in Chicago in 1969 and now headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, TOMAR Electronics, Inc. is a pioneering, family-owned and operated business providing signaling, illumination, and right-of-way enhancing products in the industrial and emergency industries which serve government, public, and private communities.


TOMAR is committed to protecting people, property, and budgets through solutions which clear the way for safer, more sustainable environments.


Numerous patents on our designs demonstrate TOMAR’s dedication to innovation and our commitment to provide not only the best performing products but the most efficient products with the highest reliability as well. We could make our lightbar housings out of plastic, but we would rather give you something that’s as hard working and reliable as you are.


The performance and reliability of TOMAR products evolves from over a half century of intensive research and development of high efficiency electronic circuit designs, robust product packaging, and innovative optics.

TOMAR’s talented and disciplined engineers utilize state-of-the-art design and testing equipment to create industry-leading products. TOMAR’s approach of creativity combined with engineering rigor is supported by research, development and testing tools which include:

  • An advanced computerized circuit simulator that defines critical tolerance parameters and troubleshoots for potential design weaknesses.
  • Firmware and software management tools that allow efficient and accurate capture of multiple development paths.
  • High-speed optical ray-trace software for designing and simulating optical output.
  • A 100-foot automated light measurement tunnel which uses photometers calibrated to display measurements in candelas effective in accordance with FAA, SAE, and IES standards. High-speed photodiodes are used to measure and display light pulse wave shapes to ensure accuracy in light intensity output specifications.
  • A fast scanning spectroradiometer for color measurements.
  • 3D modeling software for adaptable iterative development of mechanical engineering solutions.
  • Thermal simulation tools for early design optimization, and environmental chamber testing to verify that hardware meets design parameters.
  • Faraday cage and instrumentation to verify that electromagnetic emissions meet or exceed corporate and/or industry performance standards.
  • A fully equipped test lab capable of making all tests and measurements required by SAE and AMECA/AAMVA.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Rigorous quality control standards and detailed inspections are implemented at various stages in the production process. Fixture “burn-in” provides for an unprecedented 100% testing of all TOMAR products to ensure accurate and trouble free performance for the life of the lamp. Statistical Process Control is used to monitor production quality with detailed precision.

TOMAR’s warranties are among the longest in the industry, made possible by the dedication to quality in both the design and manufacturing processes. A computerized system integrating order entry, inventory, and production control helps to facilitate rapid order fulfillment.