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By Kolby Ashby TOMAR's Strobeswitch: Enhancing Emergency Response Efficiency

TOMAR's Strobeswitch: Enhancing Emergency Response Efficiency

Most people don’t think about the logistics of emergency responders after they call 911. It goes without saying it’s probably the last thing from their mind. They are in a crisis, and they need help as quickly as possible – whether that help comes in the form of fire, medical, police, or sometimes a combination of all three. Helping to expedite that response, TOMAR’s Strobeswitch works like an emergency unlock feature for properties with restricted, automatic gate access.

Enabling Instant Access to Restricted Properties

Typically, in a response to a crisis at one of these restricted properties, a first responder needs to stop the emergency vehicle outside of the gate and access a Knox* Box using a physical key or key code. This causes an interruption in the emergency response, and a delay in emergency services during a crisis.

To streamline this process, TOMAR’s Strobeswitch creates a connection between the gate and the emergency vehicle to detect its presence and open the gate upon approach. This provides instant access to the property and decreased response times. Best of all, Strobeswitch utilizes devices already installed on many emergency vehicles.

The Functionality of Preemption

You have probably heard of the term “preemption” before. Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and transit vehicles may be equipped with this feature. It is essentially a device on the vehicle which sends a coded message to an upcoming traffic signal with signal priority equipment, to tell that traffic signal an authorized vehicle is approaching and would like priority through the intersection. If all the equipment works together, a green light is given to the first responder, stopping vehicles in opposing directions.

The equipment on the vehicle is generally an emitter, which is an optical device that uses infrared to communicate with an “eye” (detector) at the intersection. With Strobeswitch, TOMAR built a system like the traffic signal priority products with a similar “eye”. This system provides quick access into gated areas by communicating to the gate opening mechanism.

The TOMAR Strobeswitch automatic gate access system works with all brands & styles of optical infrared emitters, including TOMAR and GTT or Opticom**, which are the most common brands. TOMAR also provides low-current Strobeswitch solutions, which can run on Solar-powered gates. Strobeswitch is so adaptable and reliable, with a heavy bearing on safety, that many municipalities have added Strobeswitch to their city code for properties with automatic gates. Should yours, too?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, TOMAR’s Strobeswitch system offers a remarkable solution to the logistical challenges faced by emergency responders. By seamlessly integrating with gate access mechanisms, Strobeswitch enables instant and uninterrupted access to restricted properties, significantly reducing response times during critical situations. Together, let us support the seamless collaboration between emergency responders and technology to ensure a swift and effective response in times of crisis.