Enhancing Road Safety: TOMAR Traffic New Distributors for Traffic Safe

By Kolby Ashby Advanced Traffic Products Clark Transportation Solutions

Enhancing Road Safety: TOMAR Traffic New Distributors for Traffic Safety

TOMAR is excited to announce partnerships with two new distributors who will offer TOMAR’s STROBECOM II and Strobeswitch Traffic Solutions – Advanced Traffic Products and Clark Transportation Solutions Amongst their suite of solutions, TOMAR’s STROBECOM II adds optical Priority Preemption Emitters, Detectors, and Optical Signal Processors; and TOMAR’s Strobeswitch adds optical restricted gate-access detectors for ATP and Clark.

Introducing Advanced Traffic Products and Clark Transportation Solutions

“We are very excited to start working side by side with Advanced Traffic Products and Clark Transportation Solutions. We vet our partner accounts thoroughly, looking for companies who have the same goals for qualityand safety as we do, and these partners align directly with those ideals.” Says Jason Shadle, Traffic Division Director.

“Both of these new partners bring years of experience and knowledge of traffic systems and efficient motorways to public works. TOMAR’s traffic solutions in our Envelope of Safety® will be a powerful tool to add to the other great offerings they provide.”

Advanced Traffic Products

Since 1993, Advanced Traffic Products has maintained a steadfast mission to become the most respected company in the traffic products industry. They are dedicated to offering only the most innovative and highest quality products and technology, all designed with a clear focus on enhancing safety and efficiency. With a sales and technical team comprised of trusted advisors, each boasting over a decade of experience, ATP is well-known for prioritizing their customers. Their customer-first approach positions them excellently to tackle the traffic challenges of the future.

Areas of Services

Advanced Traffic Products will service the northwestern United States region including Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and northern California

Clark Transportation Solutions

Clark Transportation Solutions is a professional sales agency committed to providing quality products and superior customer service. They serve the traffic, lighting, intelligent transportation system (ITS), and commercial markets in Arizona.

Clark Transportation Solutions will service the State of Arizona